Our Kitchen


   17.50 Menu

Tasting of italian sarters
Ravioli with meat or spinach and cheese with tomato sauce or pesto
Eggplant parmigiana
Escalope milanaise
Dessert of the day


Pizzas Takeaway
Service starts from 7 p.m.
Priority is given to customers at the table

Our Pizzas

  • Marinara : tomato, garlic, oregano
  • Margherita : tomato, mozzarella, basil
  • Napoletana : tomato, mozzarella, oregano, anchovies
  • Pugliese : tomato, onions, scamorza, olives, capers
  • Ortolana : tomato, mozzarella, grilled vegetables
  • Tonnata : tomato, mozzarella, tuna, onions
  • 4 formaggi : mozzarella, parmigiano, gorgonzola, emmenthal
  • Boscaiola : tomato, mozzarella , mushrooms, speck
  • 4 stagioni : tomato, mozzarella, ham, mushrooms, artichokes
  • Salsiccia e peperoni : tomato, mozzarella, sausage, peppers
  • Prosciutto : tomato, mozzarella, ham, mushrooms, olives
  • Messicana: tomato, mozzarella, fresh tomato, spicy meat, onions
  • Chevre: tomato, mozzarella, chevre cheese, eggplant, olives
  • Calzone: tomato, mozzarella, ham, mushrooms
  • Saumon : tomato, mozzarella, salmon, cream, artichokes
  • Focaccia al formaggio di Recco (Quartirolo cheese)
  • Fantasia : (tomato, mozzarella .. and three ingredients of your choice: ham, chevre cheese, mushrooms, artichokes, tuna, anchovies, olives, peppers, onions, zucchini, eggplant, sausage).


Our starters plate

  • Trio of italian tasting (Caprese salad and stuffed olives, grilled vegetables, meats)
  • Baked "Tomino" cheese and speck
  • Bresaola, salad and tomatos
  • Mountain "Chopping" (Italian cold cuts and cheeses)


  • Meats Ravioli with mushrooms and tomatos sauce
  • Ravioli (spinach and "ricotta") with tomato, walnuts and pesto
  • Pappardelle sauce forestiere
  • Pappardelle with hare bolognese
  • Pappardelle with salmon

Our Speciality

  • Eggplant parmigiana
  • Trofie "alla genovese”
  • Testaroli with pesto sauce
  • Tagliatelle with truffle cream and mushrooms
  • Spaghetti with seafood "al cartoccio"
  • Gnocchi gratin with Castelmagno cheese
  • Lasagne with pesto
  • "Ligurian" rabbit with a side


  • Salad nizzarda (green salad, eggs, tomato, tuna, anchovies, peppers, onions)
  • Salad paesana (green salad, tomato, bacon, gésier, cheese, crostini)
  • Hot cheese salad (green salad, tomato, peperoni, walnut, crostini, goat cheese)


  • Mix of grilled meats with sides
  • Beef Carpaccio with fried chips
  • Braised beef with polenta and sweet wine


  • Cantucci e Vin Santo
  • Chocolate Mousse
  • Crème brulé
  • Pizza "Nutella" ( just for dinner )
  • Panna cotta with berries, coffee or hot chocolate
  • Dark chocolate and Barolo Chinato
  • Tiramisù
  • "Affogato" al caffé"
  • Bonet